How It Works

Complete our secure online application form - Step 1.

To use our service you start by completing our secure application form. These are the details we will need to search the market for a loan that meets your individual criteria.

We have made the form as simple as we could, but if you do have any issues then please use the contact us page and we will be happy to help.

The form asks for some personal information as well as details of the loan you need. All the details you provide us with will be handled with care and stored securely while we need them.

On the form you have the option to opt in or out of future marketing. If you opt in we will send you, from time-to-time products and offers that relate to what you are looking for. If you opt-out, then we won't send you anything. Once you have finished the form, press the button to apply.

Submit Application to Pingtree - Step 2.

Once you have submitted the form, we will look to place your application through our pingtree searching technology.

A Pingtree is a piece of software that is integrated with real lenders. We pass your details into the lenders system so they can decide if they want to lend to you or not.

If you are unsuccessful with one lender, we will move onto the next lender and so on.

If we are not able to find you a lender, we could find you an alternative solution, which might be debt help or a credit score option so you can improve your financial position.

Get the cash you need in your account today - Step 3.

If you are matched with a lender, then you could receive the funds the same day. This of course depends on who your chosen lender and bank is, as they all have different rules and timescales and could take up to 2-3 working days.

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